Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Moving on in the Top Five

Well we did the Vocals last time, next in line, is the masters of the guitar. Give me at least five guitarists who you think have the right to be known as the best of all time. Are they going to be metal shredders, classical masters, tapping extremes, effects wizards, ridiculously good songwriters, simple strummers, or some combination of the above? Blues, rock, funk, metal, folk, jazz, punk....etc. There are so many guitarists out there, and they are yours to pick through your personal opinion. Try to give some explanation to why they are your top picks. I want to see what we have coming so I will post my picks later, hah!


At 3:07 PM, Blogger Child of Darkness said...

1.) Randy Rhoads- The ultimate combination of killer riffing, shredding solos, and complex yet catchy compostions.
2.) Andres Sergovia-The god of classical guitarists
3.) Eddie Van Halen-Heavily influential heavy metal guitarist who incorporated neo-classical techniques into rock and metal
4.) Michealangio Batio- Probably the fastest guitarist alive
5.) Tony Iommi- For riffing, influence. and musicality

At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hendrix - no explination meeded
Santana - no explination meeded
Head/Munky - you knew it was comming
Flea- for being flea LOL


At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

I really don't think guitarist can be put into lists of being the best to worst. To me that is just stupid. How can you compare these artists when they play different styles of music. They are all unique and shouldn't be compared. Just because a guitarist doesn't shred all the time or at all, doesn't mean that they aren't any good. That's just not their style. I guess you could compare guitarists within the same genre and get away with it but all in all it's just dumb. Anyone else agree/disagree?


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